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                               Tour of Oaxaca

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                                                             Tour of Oaxaca

Special note:  With the Peso at 12 to $1.00 USD and a R/T ticket on Mexicana Airlines from Denver to Oaxaca, Mexico at around $650 including taxes, a trip to Oaxaca has never been more affordable!


With single track no wider than a water bottle, this is something all of our Sand Creek Sports riders would really enjoy.  Tours vary and our guide and his staff are very accommodating.  Pedro Martinez, your guide, is a former Mexican National Champion!   Remember, the cerveza is always cold, the beach warm, world class surfing, and they have something we don't have here...real Mexican food!  Please visit our "Tour of Oaxaca" section on the left.  Contact us if interested.  And, they're bike races to be raced in Oaxaca!  Go to the "Gallery" section also on the left.

Download the 8.5x11 poster here   View a video!

Sand Creek Sports, Inc. and Bicicletas Pedro Martinez are now able to offer Mexican bicycle tours for both road and mountain bike trips in Mexico. These Mexican bicycle tours are in the Southern Mexican State of Oaxaca and are guided by Mexican Cycling Champion Pedro Martinez and his experienced staff.

Pedro now has a 36 passenger bus for bicycle road tours in Oaxaca. This is in addition to his long established Oaxaca mountain bike tours using his 4-wheel drive Jeeps.

Go to our Tour of Oaxaca section for information about mountain bike tours in Mexico. Contact Us with any questions.

Our man in Oaxaca says to come on down in the fall of 2008 and throughout 2009! Much of the information here is from our 2006 brochure. View a Video!     Please contact us for further information.

Guided mountain and road bicycle tours in the Southern Mexican State of Oaxaca

With single track no wider than a water bottle, this is a great adventure not to be missed...and never to be forgotten! The trails of the Pueblos Mancomunados of the Sierra Madres in Oaxaca, Mexico provide the finest riding anywhere. Ride from the City of Oaxaca to Playa Zicatela in Puerto Escondido on the Southern Mexican Coast. The road tours are equally adventurous!

View and print our current poster.
View the brochure here (293 kb) This was our 2006 brochure. Trips and costs have changed since the 2006 brochure. (Additional Information)

1. If you are interested in a trip contact us as soon as possible. Each tour is crafted for you and your group. Tours, either on your mountain or road bike, can last from 1/2 day to over a week. Our e-mail is andy@sandcreeksports.com Phone number is 719-651-1677. We are located in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

2. How to get to Oaxaca: You are responsible for your own transportation/costs to Oaxaca, Mexico. We recommend flying directly into the Oaxaca City Airport (OAX) www.tomzap.com/OAXairport.html and skipping Mexico City. Continental Airlines is the only airline to fly directly to Oaxaca City. That flight leaves from Houston, TX. Contact Continental at www.continental.com or call them at 1-800-523-3273. We highly recommend purchasing a refundable R/T ticket. Make the necessary arrangements to have your bicycle shipped with you. You will be picked up at the airport and transported to your HQ hotel.

3. Your guide will be Pedro Martinez and his staff for all cycling trips in Oaxaca. A former Mexican National Cycling Road Team member, former World Duathalon Champion, former National Mountain Bike Champion and personal friend, Pedro operates a tour business out of Oaxaca. Visit Pedro's web page at http://www.bicicletaspedromartinez.com. Pedro's site has examples of several of his tours. For support, mountain bike tours use his 4-wheel drive Jeep Cherokee's and he has a 36 passenger bus for road tours. Pedro knows everyone, every trail, and every road!

4. Depending on your tour, your hotel(s) may be included.

5. Food: While on the actual cycling trip(s), most meals will be prepared for you and are included in the tour cost. While at the hotels you are responsible for you own dining. Restaurants are everywhere. Breakfast will cost about $3.00 -$4.50 USD, lunch about the same and dinner $5.00 to $13.00. The $13.00 represents the "high" end. As an example a club sandwich at Café Alex in Oaxaca is $42.00 pesos (about $4.00 USD). Great Mexican beer at the historic La Farola Cantina (established in 1916) is about $2.00 USD. A red snapper dinner at the expensive Hotel Santa Fe in Puerto Escondido is only $13.00 USD and beers are about $2.50. The excellent "street food" runs around $1.00-$2.00 for a "main dish." Bottled water is about $0.35-$0.75 for ˝ liter. Tipping is expected at about 15%.

6. Fitness Level: You should be an intermediate to advanced cyclist with appropriate technical skills. A sense of humor, the ability to "get tough" and being readily adaptable to unforeseen circumstances will enhance your trip. Be prepared for a great time!

7. Of course, all above is subject to change.

8. Oaxaca and Puerto Escondido web resources:
A. www.tomzap.com/coaxaca.html - Great Oaxaca information
B. www.tomzap.com/coaxaca.html - The Oaxaca Times in English
C. www.wunderground.com/global/stations/76775.html - Oaxaca weather
D. www.imparcialenlinea.com/ - Oaxaca newspaper in Spanish
E. www.wunderground.com/global/stations/WMMPS.html - Puerto Escondido weather
F. www.rosengren.net/oaxaca/ - Additional Oaxaca information
G. www.sierranorte.org.mx/ - Information about the Pueblos Mancomunados
H. www.tomzap.com/escondio.html - Great Puerto Escondido information

Sunset in Puerto Escondido
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