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Updated: October 2, 2016

I have sold the frameset in August, 2015 to a serious collector who has given it a good home.  The rebuild he did with 1984 era parts is just stunning.  Additional photos.


This is a classic vintage racing bicycle (frameset). It is a 1983/'84 Campagnolo Technical Support frameset used by the Campagnolo Technical Support crew in US racing during the 1983 and 1984 season. A very rare vintage racing bicycle! This beautiful frame was built by Serotta but with "Murray" decals as Murray was the "Official" bicycle of the 1984 Olympics held in Los Angeles.

It is our understanding that only six (6)! of these were built and mine is the last survivor. An additional eighteen were built for actual use at the '84 Games and were given to the LA Organizing Committee afterwards.  As of July 7, 2011, the whereabouts of three of these bikes is now known. One was completedly desroyed about a week after the Games while on a bike race and was in a car accident with both car and bike distroyed.  June/July 2011: Two of these bikes have surfaced in the Los Angeles, CA area with the one below now "living in KY." Photos of these two complete bike are below my frameset.  Also, photos of a Campagnolo Super Record crankset pantographed with "Murray" and LA Games Logo!

My Serotta (Murray) frameset is 58cm (c-c)and 57 (c-c) top tube, has a Campagnolo Super Record headset, Nuevo Record bottom bracket, no drop-out screws and no serial number. Originally built for a Campagnolo seat binder bolt, it is believed that the legendary Bill Woodul had some old hub QR's adapted instead. A new seat binder will have to be fabricated.

Notice the "M" engraved on each side of the fork crown! Very little use with just a little "rooftop" condition from many cross country trips on top of the old Campagnolo Technical Support Buick.

Special thanks to Brook Watts for some valuable historical information.

My frameset:


Not my frames/bikes:



             From an old 7-11 Team Murray                          Now in the Los Angeles, CA area



                                         Serial # 84414, a 48cm(?) now in KY


                                           From my own Campagnolo Travel Bag!

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