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Home of Sand Creek Sports, Inc., the Ascent Cycling Series and the Tour of Colorado.  The July 29, 2015 race was our 107th race.  Twenty six years in 2016!


                                      January 20, 2016                        





                     I have broken both bones in my lower left leg just above the ankle.

                     Surgery wasn't an option last Friday due to excessive swelling so

                     I'll be back at Memorial Hospital North on Friday, January 22 at noon

                     for another try.  I am 100% confined to a bed and am on heavy duty

                     pain meds.




                                  Our own Russell Finsterwald at the June, 2015 US Cup          

                                  Short Track at the Pulpit Rock Course.  Photo by our own

                                  Tim Bergsten, Pikes Peak Sports.                            




                               2016 Tentative Ascent Cycling Series Schedule

                                                        All Wednesdays

                                               May 18 at Pulpit Rock/UCCS
                                                June 1 at Palmer Park Council Grounds
                                              June 15 at ?
                                              June 29 at ?
                                               July 13 at ?
                                               July 27 at Palmer Park maybe Lazy Land

                                   ? = Bear Creek Terrace, Ute Valley Park and/or CMSP



September 15th:  It really came as no surprise when I received an e-mail from USA Cycling that our US Cup mtb race would not return to Colorado Springs in 2016.   For the past two years I was was the Venue and Operations Director for the US Cup-Colorado Springs race held at UCCS’s Pulpit Rock Open Space.  

The race this past June was once again on the International Calendar as a HORS Category (one step below World Cup), was a USA Cycling Pro XCT race and our Colorado State XC Championship race.  

With over 350 riders plus support staff, riders from 15 Countries and 24 States this event had an estimated local economic impact approaching $225,000 and had no local sponsorships other than support from our Colorado Springs Visitors and Convention Bureau.

With our own National Championship race organizer Tim Scott as my Venue Director, Roland Hawkins with his extensive Tours of California and Utah and USA Pro Challenge experience, Rod Rodriquez as our Medical Director and Gina Dellinger in registration along with Southern Colorado Velo and our Woman’s Mountain Biking Assoc. of Colorado Springs and numerous other returning staff, we once again put on a great event that the UCI appointed Chief Commissaire gave us very high marks in his official report.

We cannot loose a race like this and as such the VP of national Events for USA Cycling, the Sports Marketing Director for the Colorado Springs Visitors and Convention Bureau and I will meet in early October.

As many of you know I’m trying to get out of this bike racing nonsense...it isn’t working.

As Ascent Cycling will take on a bigger roll in 2016 for the Ascent Cycling Series, I may have found two new venues.   I guess I can’t go back to that Southern Mexico beach again this Fall, too much bike race work to do...   Andy

My sincere thank you to all involved and just so you all know, I'm not done, yet....

Andy Bohlmann






Final Ascent Cycling Series Overall Results are here, far right column.  Ties in points were decided by the number of higher placing's.


     An interview by Tim Bergsten appearing in the May 6-12th Colorado Springs Independent


                                                           PRESS RELEASE             



                       What the Sand Creek Sports races (1991-2015) are all about. 

                                     "Racing for Chocolate Milk" by Tracy Thelen, 2012



                                   Travis getting, "chicked" by 11 year old Heidi Martin

                                   at Cheyenne Mountain State Park, 2014. The Gazette's

                                   Christian Murdock captures what our races are all about.



                                            Our 2015 Sponsor Family



                                                      Interview with Patrick Cross




                                                    Jim Wannamaker Interview




















                                  The complete C.O.N.I. Manual from 1972 is here.



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Cool pictures of a Mexican racing bike The Official C.O.N.I. Manual 1984 Murray Technical support frame for sale The Skeletons in USA Cycling's Closet